CCTV Camera Systems

Surveillance camera system is a boon to deter loss of revenue due to stolen merchandise or vandalism destruction of precious assets. Ortus Telecom, with real time communication based surveillance as its forte, has plethora of options for all needs of customer’s specifications.

Be it a large commercial establishment or a small scale industry, simple camera devices and systems or highly versatile and complex solutions for traffic management, Ortus Telecom as a reputed video surveillance provider for enterprise and industries in Cochin, is passionately committed towards achieving the pinnacle of safety measures. Undoubtedly, the customization options of video surveillance systems offered by our team for the end users are based on the need to protect people and properties.

As a part of the endeavor to offer the best to our clients, we offer the following key attributes:

  • HD qulaty image capture, transmission and recording
  • Administrative control policies on viewing and archiving
  • Centralized control room provision for image monitoring
  • Real time integration with alarm and other surveillance systems

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